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ACAP’s counselling courses can lead you to various fulfilling career paths. From mental health and well-being to grief and bereavement, the possibilities are endless with a qualification in counselling. Find out about typical occupations and salaries below, based on industry data.


According to the latest data from the National Skills Commission (Jobs and Skills Australia), counselling jobs are expected to grow for the five years between November 2021 and November 2026. It is forecast that the number of counselling professionals is expected to increase from 24,400 to 27,800 by 2026. Median hourly earnings are also on the rise, with Counsellors earning up to $45 per hour – 10 per cent more than the average wage of all full-time occupations.

Counselling can be an extremely rewarding career path, allowing you to support vulnerable members of society across areas including relationships and families, grief and loss, trauma, mental health, and addiction. Roles are largely in healthcare, social assistance, education, public health and safety or private practice. Find out about typical occupations and salaries below, based on industry data.
Job Title/Average Salary Job Title/Average Salary
Addictive Behaviour: $104,741~ Behaviour support: $80,000- $100,000`
Carer Support: $67,555* Child and adolescence: $89,221~
Child protection: $65,000- $75,000^ Counsellor: $80,000- $95,000^
Community workers: $68,411* Crisis support: $74,000 **
Disability support workers: $50,000- $55,000^ Family support workers: $70,000- $80,000^
Grief and bereavement : $70,000** Intake assessment officer: $72,072*
Mental health and well-being support worker: $60,000- $75,000^ Psychotherapists: $85,787~
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Sectors you could work in

  • Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Child, Adolescence and Families
  • Community Support
  • Crisis Support
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • Group Work
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Trauma Support

Data Sources For Indicated Salaries (sourced January 2023)

**Payscale   `Ranstad      * Talent           ^ Seek           ~ Indeed           _ SalaryExpert

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