Inherent Requirements



What is it like to do this course?

It may be helpful for you to understand a little about what it is like to complete the  Master of Professional Accounting. Further information about the course is available on the course page and we recommend you familiarise yourself with the information there.


What about when I finish my course?

Graduates of the MPA will be prepared to take on strategic and senior project management and leadership roles in accounting across a diverse scope of industries. You will have high-level knowledge of current accounting theories, practices and processes and will be able to identify and develop sustainable solutions that address a range of challenges. 
You will also develop strong communication and management skills to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders and apply strategic thinking and high-level technical skills to complex business issues. 


Inherent requirement domains

There are three domains of inherent requirements in the Master of Professional Accounting. Some domains have a number of sub-domains:
  • Ethical behaviour 

During their studies, students must understand the requirements of and demonstrate ethical behaviour in their professional and academic practice. This may include, but is not limited to, complying with relevant ACAP policies and procedures, handling confidential information appropriately, demonstrating a capacity to act honestly and within recognised professional protocols. 

  • Communication 

Units of study within the MPA, GDPA and GCPA require effective written and verbal communication skills. This includes a capacity to read and comprehend a range of complex data and texts related to professional practice and to develop written communication appropriate to a range of audiences. Students will also be required to work cohesively as part of a team during project work – and be able to lead meetings and provide feedback to their peers. 

  • Cognition 

Students are required to have the capacity to understand a range of complex real-world problems and to provide competent analysis and professional solutions. 

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