ACAP’s new accounting degree supports skills shortage and growing industry

By Barry de Silva Public Relations Manager
ACAP is proud to announce its new Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) degree. This dynamic course not only equips aspiring accountants with a range of advanced knowledge and skills but does so at a time of exceptional opportunity, as the accounting profession is set to experience a 9.2 per cent growth until 2026.

ACAP’s two-year MPA course immerses students in an advanced and varied course that lays the foundations for a career in accounting, through the development of professional skills across a range of core areas that includes management accounting, financial reporting, economics, data analysis, and company law. As part of the course, students can specialise in one of three electives which channels their passion and future career ambitions:

  • Small to medium business management: Navigate the intricate world of smaller businesses, equipped with key knowledge and practical acumen.
  • Business leadership and administration: Students can unleash their leadership potential and prepare for commanding accounting roles.
  • IT and accounting: Students can seamlessly merge accounting proficiency with cutting-edge IT skills to meet the demands of the digital age.
“The Master of Professional Accounting is more than just education; it’s about supporting the Australian accounting industry with the workforce of tomorrow,” - George Garrop, ACAP CEO

Graduates of the MPA course can expect to enjoy a median full-time annual salary of over $90,000 in roles such as a general, management, or taxation accountant, and an internal or external auditor. ACAP MPA Course Leader, Dr Charles Lo, explained the significance of the degree.

“In today’s world, accounting is all about being an advisor, Dr Lo said. “In the accounting industry we’re constantly impacted by changes to technology, so there are several additional competencies, like business leadership, which we need to impart on graduates.

“Having spoken to all the major accounting bodies, one of the key points that stood out is there is a shortage of accountants in regional areas with the skills needed to support small and medium sized businesses.”

“The beauty of this degree is that it gives students the opportunity to choose to specialise in small to medium business management.” - Dr Charles Lo, MPA Course Leader

This year, ACAP celebrates 40 years of delivering outstanding higher education. ACAP CEO, George Garrop, commented on the value Dr Charles Lo will bring, to create more agile graduates that meet market needs. 

“We are delighted to have Charles leading this new course – he brings a wealth of experience across the education, accounting and financial industries. I would like to commend him on creating a course that has been meticulously designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern accounting.” 

The launch of ACAP’s new course coincides with a crescendo of opportunities in the industry. The Australian Government predicts a 9.2 per cent growth in the accounting profession until 2026, illustrating the bright career prospects for MPA graduates. 

For more information visit the Master of Professional Accounting page


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