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Mindfulness is the attitude of being present and connected to your thoughts, emotions or a moment. From reduced stress and anxiety to improved mental wellbeing, the positive impacts of mindfulness are limitless. It makes sense then that mindful practices can strengthen our relationships in meaningful ways.

Relationships play a significant part in our daily lives, and often the most challenging ones are with our partners. In order to overcome these challenges, practising mindfulness can help you be more open, compassionate, and self-aware. Here are some ways to establish deeper connections with your partner, but could also apply to other relationships in your life.


Be present

Mindfulness alters the parts of our brain responsible for attention and focus. It can help us recognise when we’re not being fully aware of what our partners are saying and redirect our attention to them. Not only does this lessen any opportunity for misunderstandings, it helps our partners feel heard and strengthens your connection.

Be Reasonable

Regularly practising mindfulness has proven to shrink the amygdala which is the part of our brain responsible for stress and the fight-flight response. We’re less likely to react impulsively and more likely to respond with reason during challenging conversations.

Be Empathetic

Mindfulness helps us be more empathetic which makes for positive interactions. Understanding our partner's perspectives and emotions gives us a true appreciation of them and help us be more patient towards them. It’s then easier to express our love and compassion, which builds intimacy.

Be grateful

Mindfulness fosters an appreciation of the beauty around us, including in our loved ones. When we can appreciate our relationships, we are more open and willing to work through challenges, viewing them simply as opportunities to grow.

Be patient

Mindfulness takes time to master, and the more you practice the easier it becomes. Whether you practice mindfulness with your partner, or anyone else, it can help promote healthy and happy relationships.

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