How reflecting can set you up for success!

How reflecting can set you up for success!

As we head towards a new year, we’ll often find ourselves naturally reflecting on the one that’s nearly passed. Sometimes we’ll look back with pride and excitement at all the things we’ve achieved, other times it might be with sadness at goals left unmet or difficult life events that have hit us over that period. Either way, researchers are increasingly recognising the importance of that reflection on our success into the future, so if you haven’t reflected on your 2023 yet, now’s the time.


What does reflecting do for the brain?

Reflection is important exercise for the brain. It gives it the space to process events and experiences so we can start to view them differently. The brain creates a meaning from this process, which becomes a learning – and it’s this learning which helps us as we move forward.

How do we learn from experience?

When you reflect on experiences, you’ll get clarity on what worked, didn’t work, went well or went badly. You’ll be able to explore options and find solutions you wouldn’t otherwise have considered. This means next time you’re better equipped to respond in a way that works out the best for you.

How does reflection help with goal setting?

Setting goals is critical for success. It keeps you focused, accountable and motivated so you can get to where you want to be, faster. Reflection helps with goal setting as you’ll consider what’s important to you and what you actually want to achieve.

How does reflection help with achieving goals?

As well as giving you clarity on what’s important to you, reflection will help you choose your most effective path to success. You’ll be less likely to make the same mistakes twice and you’ll be in tune with how you work at your best.

How can I break down barriers to achieving my goals?

When you’re thinking about your goals, take some time to identify any obstacles that could get in your way and how you’ll handle them using your previous experiences. This will take away the power of your fears and help you feel prepared so you can focus on the job at hand.

How and where do I begin with reflection?

If you’re not used to conscious self-reflection, it can be helpful to start by asking yourself some simple questions. The first question might be ‘Was 2023 a good year or a bad year?’ and then you can explore the reasons for your answer. Remember we learn from both positive and negative experiences.

Where can I get more help to guide my reflection journey?

To help you get the most out of reflection, we’ve created a Reflection and Goal Setting worksheet that will guide you through the process so you can set yourself on the path to great things in 2024!

“It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way”, Claude Monet.

How reflecting can set you up for success!


Set yourself up for success in 2024 with our FREE self-reflection and goal setting worksheet that will help you recognise and reflect on the year that's been and bringing your learnings into the new year.

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