Paper weight – the power of accreditation

Paper weight – the power of accreditation

Study, while exciting, is undeniably a big commitment. After all the time, effort and funding you put in to graduating, you want to know the certificate you’re handed is going to hold weight and help you achieve your goals.

Accreditation is the assurance you need that all your hard work will be relevant and recognised by employers when you come to apply for those roles you’ve been dreaming of.

What does ‘accredited course’ mean?

Accreditation is essentially a formal quality check. In Australia, if a course is ‘accredited’ (as all ACAP courses are), it:

  • is nationally recognised as a legal qualification
  • meets industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community needs
  • provides you with appropriate competency outcomes

How does this help me in the world of work?

There are multiple career benefits to studying an accredited course and getting formally recognised qualifications and experience:

  • Quality assurance – when you study an accredited course, you know you’re developing knowledge and experience that’s relevant to your chosen field from a quality education provider.
  • Proof of your competencies – when an employer sees an accredited qualification on your CV, they’ll know you have the professional knowledge to succeed in the role. Even where a qualification isn’t a requirement, it will make you stand out from others.
  • Acknowledgement of your achievements – an accredited course gives you a formal certificate and qualification as acknowledgement of what you’ve learned and achieved from your study.
  • Expands your job eligibility – a lot of roles working in human behaviour expect formal accreditation and will immediately cut any applicants without it, so having it increases the pool of jobs you can apply for.

Which ACAP courses are accredited?

All of them! Choose to study any of our courses, and you can be assured that your efforts will be recognised by the employers who see your qualification on your CV. You’ll be able to put a big tick when the job ad asks for relevant qualification and can apply confidently for your exciting new job in human behaviour.

Where can I get more information about ACAP’s accredited courses?

Visit our or call 1800 139 139 to speak to one of our friendly Course Advisors.

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