Quick tips to tame your temper

Quick tips to tame your temper

You might consider yourself pretty cheerful, but there have probably been times when you’ve lost yourself – and not in a good way. This past year has been undeniably hard, and even the most optimistic of us have been tested. It’s in these difficult times that anger and frustration become more visible amongst us.
Most people write off anger as a solely negative sentiment but is it really that simple? If you look a little closer, you see that it’s not anger itself, but the consequences of anger that have the potential to be negative. When we lose ourselves to angry thoughts and feelings, we risk leading to feelings of guilt and shame.

Some quick tips for when you feel anger taking over:



Realise that it is OK to have a different opinion. As long as people are respectful and kind, you can agree to disagree and move on.


You may feel like shouting the house down but instead, make sure you practice active listening: be attentive, focused and open to learning.


Are you big on journal writing? It might help to write out your thoughts/feelings in the moment to help bring clarity to your situation.


If you find yourself on the receiving end of an angry outburst, don’t take it personally. It’s unlikely this has anything to do with you, and is more a projection of one’s own circumstances.


Rather than overstating the value of a zen-mindset and anger avoidance, it might be more helpful to recognise anger for what it is – a human emotion that can lead to less-than-ideal behaviour if not handled in constructive ways. By doing this, we can take the required steps to manage our response and ensure matters do not escalate into more severe issues down the road.


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