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There’s no getting away from the fact that successful study requires dedication, persistence and a lot of work. But honing some key academic and study skills can make a big difference to get you working smarter, not harder.

The ACAP Student Learning Support (SLS) team exists to support our students with study skills through a range of resources and services. Here’s a snapshot of the things they say you can be doing now to get the best out of your studies.

Manage your time effectively

Time is a valuable commodity when it comes to study. We’re all different with how we use (and waste) our time but self-awareness will help you to plan your schedule so you can reach your study goals without overwhelm. More on time management here.

Keep yourself motivated

 It’s normal for our levels of motivation to fluctuate depending on the task at hand and other things that might be going on in our lives, but consistent effort throughout the year will pay off. For SLS’ tips on how to stay motivated click here.

Be active and critical with your reading

Reading plays an important role in any study. To read effectively, you need to be active and critical. Interacting with the text (by highlighting sections, commenting and making notes for example) will help you to remember information. More effective reading tips here.

Develop good note taking skills

Whether you prefer catalogue cards, post-its or take notes direct to your laptop, having a good method will help you recognise and remember the main ideas, think critically and make connections. More on note taking here.

Learn academic writing conventions

Universities have specific conventions when it comes to presenting academic work, and it’s important you use a good academic style in your assignments (including referencing evidence and research. More on academic writing conventions here.

Get to know your online class space

Learning how to make the best use of your online class space is important as it means you can get ahead with your studies, know what’s where and feel confident with using the space. More on online class spaces here.

Go to SLS webinars and workshops

The SLS team runs a program of free on-campus workshops and online webinars to help students develop their study and academic skills. You can attend as many as you like. More on SLS workshops here.

Get further support

The SLS team is here to support your study success however they can. You an access their range of resources here, book an individual consultation (free and confidential), request assessment feedback or join a Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS). Take a look at the SLS webpages.


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