Tactics to help yourself flourish

Tactics to help yourself flourish

To flourish, is to experience wellbeing and a sense of contentment, purpose and positivity in your life. Sound appealing? Here’s what you can do to help yourself flourish.


Set (small) goals

Consider what you’d like to achieve for your physical and mental wellbeing, and the steps you can take to get there. From little things, big things grow so try to keep your goals small and achievable instead of shooting for the moon straight off.

Accentuate the positive

Rather than trying to fix what you see as your weaknesses, concentrate on your strengths. Think about how you can maximise all the great things about who you are and use them for your personal growth and for the benefit of others around you.

Practice gratitude

Expressing gratitude releases both dopamine and serotonin, giving your mood an instant boost. It helps you feel happier and more satisfied so it’s a great way to keep mentally healthy. Even better, the more your practice it, the stronger its effect.

Be mindful

Savouring the present helps you enjoy the current moment, fully engage in what you are experiencing and be more aware of your feelings and behaviours. It gives you a sense of space which eases mental tension and allows your nervous system to relax.

Be kind to others

Acts of kindness don’t just benefit the recipient. When you do something for someone else, you’ll be rewarded with a positive wave of emotion, along with the receiver and anyone else who witnesses the act. Plus, kindness is contagious so… everyone wins.

Work on relationships

Healthy relationships and social connection are vital for your overall wellbeing so it’s a wise investment of your time to prioritise strengthening relationships with loved ones, family, and friends, as well as work colleagues or fellow students.

Try therapy

Getting professional therapy is a great way to flourish, keeping your mental health and relationships on track. If you’re interested in low-cost therapy from a provisionally registered or registered psychologist, check out the ACAP Psychology Clinic or for current ACAP students, ACAP Student Support

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