The most wonderful time of the year

Image of gifts wrapped in recycled materials

The most wasteful wonderful time of the year

Looking to make your celebrations a little greener this year? While the holiday season is a time for friends, family, and festive fun, it’s also easy to get caught up with the consumerism of it all and end up contributing to an abundance of waste that’s not good for our beautiful planet.

Here’s how you can get in the true spirit of the season without it costing the Earth.


Illustration of a Christmas tree


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    When it comes to trees, get the real deal over fake. Even better, create your own with sustainable materials like timber, driftwood, or a native shrub you can plant after.
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    Reuse decorations or fashion your own from wool, rattan, recycled glass, or seasonal foliage.
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    Use LED lights for better energy efficiency, durability, and safety.
Illustration of wrapped gifts


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    Shop local - small businesses and the environment will love you for it.
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    Aim for zero-waste packaging (especially plastics) and gifts that won’t get thrown away.
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    Get personal with homemade gifts, such as gourmet treats and crafts.
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    Wrap using recycled paper or fabric that can be used over and over.
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    Gift an experience for memories that last forever.
Illustration of Christmas letters


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    Animated e-cards are a fun, reliable and eco-friendly way to send your season’s greetings.
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    Or let it grow with plantable cards made from biodegradable paper embedded with seeds.
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    Use last year’s cards as tags on this year’s gifts.
Illustration of people enjoying a Christmas feast


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    Plan your menu and shopping list carefully in advance to avoid food waste.
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    Be conscious of packaging when shopping for food and drink.
  • E9D8102B-4C82-46AC-9D30-6DF01E2F74BD
    Go plant-based or buy only locally grown/produced food.
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    Donate leftovers or freeze them to enjoy in the new year.


The holiday season doesn’t need to involve lots of ‘stuff’. Stay true to yourself on what matters most, and you’ll enjoy a fun, sustainable and eco-friendly time of the year.
However you choose to celebrate, ACAP wishes you and your loved ones all the laughter and cheer of the holidays into the New Year!

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