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How reliable is eyewitness testimony?

Have you ever wondered if a witness's memory can be twisted? Eyewitness testimony has traditionally been considered the 'gold standard' evidence in legal trials. But how reliable is eyewitness testimony?

Join Professor John Reece, who will discuss some of the research behind ‘false implant memories’ and demonstrate how it is open to manipulation.
June 2021
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Restoring justice for Indigenous peoples.

In Australia, Indigenous peoples are often denied use of their own customary justice system and attempts to use Indigenous justice practices are often replaced with a Western approach.

Dr John Whitehead will discuss the far-reaching effects of colonisation on criminal justice systems and explore potential avenues to restorative justice.
June 2021
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Why is the media preoccupied with murder?

Not all crimes are equal in the eyes of society.

Join the Course Leader of Criminology and Justice at ACAP, Matthew Thurgood to uncover various crime myths that the media perpetuates, learn about the ‘CSI effect’ and the real impacts of the media on society and the criminal justice system.
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Coaching for growth & wellbeing

What can we achieve with the right resources and know-how? The short answer is growth and personal wellbeing.

Join Associate Professor Be Pannell, MBA Course Leader, in this session to discover practical tools that coaching experts use to enable growth and foster wellbeing.
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Cyber bullying and the effects on mental wellbeing

As we become even more engaged with the digital world, we need to consider cyberbullying and the potential impacts it can have on individuals.

Join Professor Margaret Anne Carter in this session to explore the prevalence of this issue and how to sustain wellbeing in a digital world.
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What can psychological science tell us about repressed memories?

Do repressed memories exist? If so, does it help for them to be recovered?

Professor John Reece will address these questions, and more, from the perspective of psychological science. Join this session to discover what research on human memory can tell us about this controversial topic.
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Is surveillance technology impacting contemporary human rights?

This recorded online session is based on the presenters publication, The Challenge of Nationalist Populism for Social Work: A Human Rights Approach. Learn about the Targeted Compliance Framework and the authoritarian approaches in relation to contemporary social work in Australia.
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Explore neural networks for effective counselling

What role does neuroscience play in the counselling process?

Join ACAP educator Kaz Mitchell to learn about the intricacies of counselling and how this vital understanding can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

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