Dr Timothy Hsi

John Clark

Lecturer, Counselling


Dip. Health Admin


John commenced his teaching role at ACAP in 2007, doing face-to-face teaching for the first two years and since then blended delivery.

John commenced his formal studies in counselling in the late 1990’s and attained his Masters of Counselling (UWS) in 2003. Since that time, he has worked as a Counsellor at Lifeline, an out-of-home care agency, a gambling counselling service and in private practice. Areas of interest in which he has practised counselling include grief counselling,, communication, gambling addiction, and personal/life issues. John is a Registered Provider with the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority.

Teaching/Coordination Responsibilities

  • Lecturer, Tutor and Unit Coordinator


  • Braithwaite, J., Greenfield, D., Westbrook, J., Pawsey, M., Westbrook, M., Clark, J. et al. (2010).  Health service accreditation as a predictor of clinical and organizational performance: a blinded, random, stratified study.  Quality and Safety in Health Care, 19:14-21.
  • Clark, J. & Novella-McMahon, M. (2007).  Depression, treatment, suicide risk reduction and the future.  The CAPA Quarterly, 2, 18-20.
  • Clark, J. & Novella-McMahon, M. (2007).  Youth – what do they need?  The CAPA Quarterly, 4.
  • Greenfield, D., Nathan, S., Pawsey, M., Braithwaite, J., Johnson, B. and Clark, J. (2010).  Abstract: Consumer representatives and health professionals’ assessment of accredited health organisations: a study revealing differing world views and expectations.  ISQua 28th International Conference.

Professional Registrations or Accreditation

  • Clinical Registrant and Mental Health Practitioner – Australian Register of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA Reg. 20884).
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