Julien Tempone Wiltshire

Julien Tempone Wiltshire

Senior Lecturer


Bachelor of Integrative Psychotherapy
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)


Dr Julien Tempone-Wiltshire is a senior lecturer in counselling and psychotherapy, who also works as a psychotherapist specialising in complex trauma. Julien holds a PhD in Philosophy and Literature, a Master of Social Work, a Bachelors of Psychotherapy and a Bachelor of Philosophy and Science (1st Honours, ANU). He has previously worked as a lecturer in social work and integrative psychotherapy. He is also a published author with academic research interests concerning grief, trauma and contemplative studies, indigenous philosophy, psychological practice, philosophy of mind and cognitive science, amongst other subjects. To read more about Julien’s research or clinical practice see: https://juniperpsychotherapy.com.au/



  • “Foster Wallace’s “The Empty Plenum” Revisited: Exploring the Intersection of Philosophic and Literary Inquiry” (Tempone,  2020), University of Tasmania Press.
  • “Madhyamaka Philosophy of No-Mind: Taktsang Lotsāwa’s On Prāsaṅgika, Pramāṇa, Buddhahood and a Defense of No-Mind Thesis” (Thakchoe, Tempone 2019), The Journal of Indian Philosophy.
  • “Immanence-Transcendence and the Godly in a Secular Age” (Dowie, Tempone, 2022), Philosophy International Journal, Philosophy International Journal 5 (1).



  • “Trauma-Sensitive Auxiliary Modalities for Group Therapy” (Tempone, 2022), Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia.
  • “Seeking the Neural Correlates of Psychological States: Awakening” (Tempone, 2022), Journal of Consciousness Studies.
  • “Bateson’s Process Ontology for Psychological Practice” (Tempone, Dowie, 2022) Journal of Process Studies.
  • “McGilchrist Process Ontology: Disclosing How We See” (Tempone, Dowie, 2022) Journal of Process Studies.
  • “Sand Talk: Process Philosophy and Indigenous Knowledges” (Tempone, 2022) Journal of Process Studies.

Teaching and Coordination Responsibilities

I am teaching units across Bachelors, Grad Dip and Masters — COUN1271 Trauma Informed Counselling, COUN5211 Grief Counselling and COUN6071 Grief Therapy.

Expert Comment Topics
Philosophy of Science
Contemplative Studies
Existential Psychotherapy
Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Professional registrations or accreditation



  • Inspiring, motivating and guiding students in T322.
  • Promoting and enhancing student learning in T322.

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