ACAP Online Examination Rules

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Online examinations can be undertaken on any device with internet access which meets the technical requirements.

Students must sit the online examination at the scheduled time as advertised on the Examinations webpage.

Conduct during examinations

Students must always comply with the Online Examination Rules:


• Complete the exam in a private space

• Do not communicate in any way with other students during the examination

• Comply with all instructions outlined on the examination material, including instructions on which materials you may have with you during the examination

• Students are not permitted to copy, replicate, or share any examination material at any point in time

• Students must not collude with others, for example working with others on completing the examinations, allowing others to copy your work, or sharing your answers

• Students must not cheat, for example copying the work of others or getting someone else to do your online examination




Students who are found to have breached any of the above rules for examinations may be found to have engaged in academic misconduct and are subject to the Academic Misconduct Policy.



Alternate Examination Sittings

If a student is unable to sit an examination in the scheduled time due to special circumstances beyond the student’s control the student may be granted an alternate examination sitting, at a prescribed alternative time. Arrangements for alternative examination sittings are outlined in the ACAP Examination Rules.

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