Discipline of Psychological Sciences Timetables, Guides and Planners

Students can utilise the the information on this page to plan and manage their studies.

Enrolment, re-enrolment planning and sequencing

When planning your study please check the course guide for core units and electives required to complete your program.

Yearly Planner 2024

Units of study are not all offered each trimester

Please note that many units are only offered during selected trimesters each year. please keep this in mind when planning your studies so you are able to complete your program within your planned time frame.

Please follow the steps below when enrolling;


1. Review recommended enrolment sequence by trimester commenced

Studying out-of-sequence may result in a unit not being offered in your final trimester which may delay completion of the course.


2. Map your sequence on the student study planner

These templates are provided to assist you in planning your enrolments and progression:

Use the generic study planner template to map the units for your course


3. View the Yearly Enrolment Planner


4. Log in and complete your enrolment

For re-enrolments for next term log into the student portal where you can select day and times of your classes.

Please note if you are enrolling into PSYCXXXX units you need to choose both Lecture and Tutorial times before submitting your enrolment.

If you require assistance regarding sequencing please contact your course coordinator via the student portal.


Examinations and Examination Timetables

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