Delivery Modes and Attendance

Flexible Study Modes

At ACAP we provide you with a range of flexible study choices including on campus and online study with the option to study full-time or part-time, depending on your chosen course. Whether you are combining your study with a full-time job, trying to balance your family life or hoping to further your education, we can help you reach your career goals.

  • On Campus

    Attend classes for a rewarding, interactive hands-on experience at one of our 6 campuses.

  • Online

    Study anywhere, anytime with our online classes including discussion forums.

  • Blended Learning

    A combination of live classes and online learning for freedom and practical experience.



What is Blended Delivery?

Blended Delivery (BD) is a mode of study which encompasses both online and face to face learning. Students receive access to comprehensive learning materials and an Academic Teacher for each unit of study. There is a workshop component where students attend campus to practice their skills and also synchronous online sessions where students can integrate theory and practice.

Each Blended Delivery unit has a dedicated online class space which contains materials for independent learning and spaces for class interaction. (See below for further information)

As a student studying by Blended Delivery, you will be required to attend compulsory on-campus workshops as part of your course. These run for 2 consecutive days, usually a Friday and Saturday (though check the Blended Delivery Timetable of your course as this may differ depending on campus).

You will also be required to attend and participate in 4 or 5 compulsory synchronous sessions (depending on your course) held in the evenings. These sessions are run using Zoom. Times and dates for these sessions are provided in the Timetable section of your relevant course. Your Unit Outline states the attendance requirements.


What is Online Study?

Some units within the Discipline of Counselling are offered purely online. This means that there are no face to face requirements. Depending on the course, students studying online will receive weekly recorded lectures and have the opportunity to attend a weekly timetabled synchronous tutorial via Zoom (excluding break week). Many online units include a Hurdle Requirement, whereby students must submit a weekly forum post as a way of monitoring engagement.

Please note that certain units such as Coaching and Supervision units have unique requirements in terms of online delivery. Please read your Unit Outline for details.


On-Campus Classes

On-campus classes within the Discipline of Counselling are usually 3 hours long and run weekly throughout term, excluding break week. On-campus students have access to the same online class-space as students studying online or via blended delivery. Attendance for on-campus classes is stated within your Unit Outline.


What study materials do I have access to?

All students receive free online access to the comprehensive, instructionally designed Subject or Unit Manual and Readings from within their online class space. Some materials are available in hardcopy for those who prefer this, however students are also able to download and save or print the online material. To view the reading list for your course, and suggestions for where to purchase books, click here.


What is the online class space?

Online Delivery classes use a virtual rather than physical class space that can be accessed via the ACAP Student Portal.  Just like a real class, you are grouped with other students and a dedicated academic teacher for that particular unit or subject. The online class space is the main place where interaction happens and where students access the curriculum content.

Features of online delivery and interaction:

  • Activities – activities are specific to each unit or subject and are designed to enhance learning through reflection, feedback and application of knowledge. These generally encourage interaction between students and the academic teacher in the class, and may include activities such as discussion questions, quizzes, toolboxes or video presentations.
  • Email – students and academic teachers can email one another regarding individual questions or issues.
  • Zoom (webinar/ synchronous sessions) – a live web conference session between the academic teacher and students.
  • Telephone – there are some individual instances where an academic teacher or student needs to speak via telephone. This can be arranged directly between the academic teacher and the student.


What are the technical requirements for me as a student?

All students at ACAP, whether studying on or off campus require the following:

  • Access to a reliable internet connection – access to the internet is an essential for those wishing to study at ACAP.  Enrolment, grades, assessment, course materials and interaction with the College occurs online or via email.  A broadband connection is desirable as it vastly speeds up the rate at which you can view and download information.
  • An email address – all ACAP students are issued with an ACAP email address, however it is recommended that you also have a personal email address so we can contact you in, for example, in the case of a lost password.
  • Microsoft Word – students are required to submit their written assessments electronically in Microsoft Word.
  • Access to video recording equipment – most courses also require access to video recording equipment such as a digital camera or video camera. Counselling Students may also be able to book specific recording rooms via their respective campus.
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