Referrals, Appointments & Fees


The ACAP Psychology, Counselling and Social Work Clinics provides services to the general community and for a range of age groups.

Referrals Appointments Fees


We accept self-referrals and referrals from doctors or community agencies, with consent from the client. There are no Medicare or visa statuses required to access our services. Counselling and groupwork services are free (very occasionally there is a small fee for groupwork manual – for example Cool Kids program).

Face to face services are available for people who are able to access our Clinics in Sydney and Melbourne as well as some additional sites such as Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Byron Bay (depending upon resources). Telehealth services are available for people living outside of accessible areas.

There may be waitlists for Clinic services.

Please note – the ACAP Psychology, Counselling and Social Work Clinics do not provide medico-legal or forensic reports, nor do we have specialised clinical facilities. Those suffering from severe conditions such as psychosis, addictions, high suicidal risk or antisocial behaviour require intensive treatment and specialised psychological services which are not provided by the ACAP Clinics. We do not provide crisis or emergency care.



Individual appointments are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.00am to 5.00pm, with the last appointment scheduled at 4.00pm.

Individual therapy appointments are usually 50 minutes in length. Initial appointments may be scheduled for up to 90 minutes.

Group therapy is offered as a closed group that runs weekly for about 10 weeks. Sessions will typically be offered weekly on a weekday evening from 6-8pm.

Longer appointments (two to three hours) are scheduled for psychometric assessments.


The ACAP Psychology, Counselling and Social Work Clinics are not for profit. Aside from request to purchase materials for some group programs, counselling and therapy are free.

There may be a charge for Psychometric assessment and reports– this is $300.00, with exemption for financial and social disadvantage.


We seek to build partnerships between the ACAP Clinics and local agencies throughout Australia. The purpose might be service or project collaboration, formalised referral network or outreach individual or groupwork services provided by student clinicians at partner agencies. Please reach out if you are interested in partnership opportunities.


The ACAP Clinic Sydney is located on Elizabeth Street with easy access by train and bus. The ACAP Clinic Melbourne is located near Swanston Street, with entrances on Bourke and Little Bourke Streets. Wheelchair access is available at both of these campuses.
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