Referrals, Appointments and Fees


The ACAP Psychology Clinic serves the community. This means that we see people from the general community, from all over Sydney and from a range of age groups. People who want to attend the Clinic can telephone us directly to refer themselves or their children.

We also accept referrals from doctors or agencies. To find out more:

  1. Contact the ACAP Psychology Clinic on 02 8236 8070 or email
  2. Leave your name and contact details. A staff member will contact you promptly to discuss your needs and the services we offer.

Please note: The ACAP Psychology Clinic does not provide medico-legal or forensic reports. The Psychology Clinic is NOT a specialised clinical facility. Those suffering from severe conditions such as psychosis, addictions, high suicidal risk or antisocial behaviour require intensive treatment and specialised psychological services which are not provided by the Psychology Clinic. The ACAP Psychology Clinic does not provide crises or emergency care.


Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 9.00am to 5.00pm, with the last appointment scheduled at 4.00pm. Under special circumstances, after hours appointments can be arranged.

Individual therapy appointments are usually 50 minutes in length. Initial appointments may be scheduled for up to 90 minutes.

Longer appointments (two to three hours) are scheduled for psychometric assessments.


The ACAP Psychology Clinic is not for profit and therefore the reduced fees charged assist in the purchasing of materials and resources.

  • Standard Individual Consultation – $20.00
  • Group enrolment fee* – $40.00
  • Psychometric assessment and report fee – $300.00

No Standard Individual Consultation, Psychometric Assessment and Report Fees are charged for people who are full-time students or whose main source of income is an Australian Government pension or income support payment.

* There is a one off enrolment fee of $40 that is payable on the first session of the corresponding group. This fee covers group materials and refreshments. Group sessions are free of charge.