For Adults

We assist people with conditions such as:

  • Anxiety disorders, including specific phobia, social anxiety, generalised anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviours, post-traumatic stress, and panic disorder
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating problems
  • Sleep problems

Clinic staff also provide assistance to people having difficulty with:

  • adjusting to divorce/separation, chronic and terminal illness, grief and bereavement, and workplace change
  • making lifestyle changes in areas including weight management, exercise adherence, smoking cessation, and drug and alcohol use
  • self-esteem, anger management, assertiveness and communication

Psychometric Assessment

The Clinic offers psychometric assessment for adults experiencing problems with cognitive function. These assessments are useful for identifying areas of concern and assist in directing recommendations for strategies to improve academic, occupational and general day to day functioning.

For children, adolescents and families

We work with children, adolescents and their families with a range of concerns including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger management
  • Behavioural problems, including disruptive and oppositional behavior as well as attention deficit
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Parenting training

Psychometric Assessment

The ACAP Psychology Clinic offers psychometric assessments for children who experience intellectual, developmental and emotional problems. These assessments may complement therapy and assist in directing recommendations for parenting strategies, education, and general behaviour.