<h1>Attend an Information Session</h1><p>Term 2 classes start 29 May 2017 <br><br>Sydney: Wednesday 3 May, 6pm<br>Melbourne: Wednesday 26 April, 6pm<br>Brisbane: Wednesday 26 April, 6pm<br>Adelaide: Wednesday 3 May, 6pm<br><br><a href="/future-students/info-sessions/">Register here</a></p> <h1>The Sydney campus has moved</h1><p><a href="/about-acap/campuses/sydney/">Check out the new facilities here</a></p>

Attend an Information Session

Term 2 classes start 29 May 2017

Sydney: Wednesday 3 May, 6pm
Melbourne: Wednesday 26 April, 6pm
Brisbane: Wednesday 26 April, 6pm
Adelaide: Wednesday 3 May, 6pm

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The Sydney campus has moved

Check out the new facilities here