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Studying is without doubt a wise investment in your future. As with all investments, it’s important you know how to navigate the financial side of things before you commit. If you hold an International Student Visa you can apply to be an international student with ACAP. This page will help you understand your fees as an international student studying with us.

How much will my study cost?

The first thing to find out is how much it will cost to study your chosen course. You’ll have to pay tuition fees for each subject you study. You can find our most up to date fees information here.

When are fees due?

As an international student;

  • You will need to pay fees for your first trimester of study when you lodge your student admission agreement.
  • You will then receive an invoice for tuition fees for each study period and you will need to pay the invoice before the first day of each study period.

How do I pay my fees?

A Provisional Invoice is available on the Student Portal under the Documentation – Financial. You can view your current balance on Invoices & Payment Options before you make a payment.


For more information, visit the Fees & Payments page.

Can I get a refund on my fees?

Under certain circumstances you may be able to get a refund on tuition fees for modules you haven’t completed. You can find ACAP’s Tuition Fee and Refund Policy here and Re-crediting of HELP Balance Policy and Procedures here.

What is Tuition Protection?

The Tuition Protection Service (TPS) is an Australian Government initiative which protects students at private higher education providers (like ACAP) whether you pay your fee upfront or through a government loan. If we were to close or stop offering a course or unit of study that you have paid for, the TPS helps you continue your studies or receive a refund. Find our Statement of Tuition Assurance – Higher Education here.

Who can I speak to at ACAP about fees and finance?

We are here to help! The whole team at ACAP will support you in investing in your future and finding the best way to finance your studies. Our experienced course advisers are the experts and they’re always up for a chat about your options. Why not contact them to discuss what would suit you best – 1800 039 139 or email [email protected].


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Cliff, Bachelor of Social Work
Classes at ACAP have a personal touch. I am able to express my opinions and grow through my teachers’ life experiences and constructive support. Cliff, Bachelor of Social Work
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As an international student, I was overwhelmed when I first started at ACAP but the support from staff made the academic journey comfortable. The practical learning environment with continuous support has unquestionably made me well equipped to develop my career in social work. Kalpana, Master of Social Work (Qualifying)
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