COVID 19 – Important updates

COVID 19 - Important updates

2022: Delivery Details and COVID Safety for Trimester 1

Dear students,

While COVID-19 continues to play a prominent role in our lives at work and home, Wellness, Health and Safety (WHS) continues to be top priority at ACAP. These past few weeks, we have been working with the latest heath advice, senior leaders, and industry professionals discussing what our campus operations will look like in the weeks and months ahead and how we can best support our staff and students.

I want to reassure you that our COVID Safety Plans are being constantly reviewed and updated to reflect local situations and health regulations – and in some instances we are going above and beyond what is directed to create the healthiest possible work and study environments.

Delivery model for Trimester 1, 2022

Our campuses will be open and in person supports available, however our teaching and class delivery will be completely ONLINE.

COVID Safety Plans on campus

For students accessing campuses, we have updated our COVID Safety Plans to incorporate the following

1) If you begin to feel unwell while on campus (no matter how mild the symptoms), you must notify your educator and student engagement immediately.

We will ask you to isolate briefly in a closed room, test for COVID-19 using a supplied Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)* and advise who you have spent time with onsite in the last 3 days (if your test is positive).

• We will provide you with an N95 mask to minimise the risk of any transmission.

• Irrespective of your test result onsite, you will be required to return home.

o If your RAT was negative, you should return home by your preferred mode of transport and stay home until you are well again.

o If you RAT was positive, you must return home using your own private transport or be picked up by a household contact or call a taxi/uber (or equivalent). Public transport must be avoided. You must stay home for 7 days, or until advised by your State/Territory Health Department. You must register your positive RAT on your State/Territory COVID website (we can assist you if needed).

 2) Social distancing restrictions will be in place on all campuses for indoor/outdoor spaces (two square metres in most instances, but up to four square metres where required by State/Territory health regulations).

3) All staff and students are required to wear a mask in classroom and shared office environments for the time being.

ACAP will provide a three-ply mask for those who don’t have one (though we encourage everyone to carry their own suitable mask at all times).

• Exceptions may be made for some practical components of your study, and these will be communicated to you as relevant.

• Staff may opt to remove their mask while presenting in class.

Other elements of the COVID Safety Plans remain:

• All staff and students must check in using QR codes to support contact tracing.

• We encourage you to use hand sanitisers on campus to maintain good hygiene.

• We will undertake increased cleaning, over and above our standard cleans, particularly of frequently touched surfaces.

Please stay home if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild.

We continue to strongly encourage all staff and students to be vaccinated.

What happens if I test positive to COVID-19, or live with someone who has tested positive, but have not been onsite?

If you test positive to COVID-19, or live with a person who is positive, you must isolate at home in accordance with your State/Territory Health directions. Please notify your manager or teacher so we can support you during this time. You will be able to access campus facilities after your 7 days isolation, as long as you are symptom free

What happens if I come into contact with a positive case onsite?

For staff or students who come into contact with a person who tests positive to COVID-19 onsite, we will help to identify your level of risk, provide you with a Rapid Antigen Test if you have been onsite and discuss appropriate responses (including whether you need to leave campus, isolate at home etc).

What about if my State/Territory imposes stricter public health orders?

Our COVID Safety plans are based on the latest health advice and locally based risk assessments. Please adhere to public health orders in your State/Territory at all times, even if they exceed the protocols that we have put in place. For example, vaccinations may be mandated in some jurisdictions, and isolation periods may be longer. Please consult the Student Engagement Team should you require specific information regarding your jurisdiction.

Who do I talk to if I’m confused about the COVID Safety plans?

Students should contact the Student Engagement Team with any additional questions.

Your safety is paramount, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Please take care and stay well.

*We are currently awaiting supply of Rapid Antigen Tests and expect to have them available to staff/students as required from the first week of February 2022.






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